John Lyman Book Awards

The John Lyman Book Awards

In order to encourage quality in the field of maritime history, NASOH presents the John Lyman Books Awards to authors and editors whose books contribute significantly to the understanding of the maritime and naval history of North America, its rivers and lakes and adjoining oceans. Awards are given in the following six categories: Canadian naval and maritime history, U.S. naval history, U.S. maritime history, science and technology, reference works and published primary sources, and biography and autobiography. Books published during the previous year or bearing a copyright date of the previous year qualify for consideration. Named after the late Professor John Lyman of the University of North Carolina and a founding member of NASOH, the awards are a highlight of the annual meeting.

 In addition to a handsome wall plaque, recipients receive a one-year membership in NASOH.

Past Awards

2016 Lyman Awards

2015 Lyman Awards

2014 Lyman Awards

2013 Lyman Awards

2012 Lyman Awards

2011 Lyman Awards

Lyman Awards, 1996 -2010

Submissions are being accepted for the 2018 awards. For submission instructions, click here.