2013 John Lyman Book Awards

2013 Lyman Book Award Winners

Presented at NASOH’s 2014 Conference


Canadian Naval and Maritime History

Winner: John English, Ice and Water:  Politics, Peoples, and the Arctic Council (London:  Allen Lane, 2013).


US Naval History

Winner: Thomas Wildenberg, Billy Mitchell’s War with the Navy:  The Interwar Rivalry Over Air Power (Annapolis:  Naval Institute Press, 2014).


Honorable Mention: Matthew Taylor Rafferty, The Republic Afloat:  Law, Honor, and Citizenship in Maritime America (Chicago:  Chicago University Press, 2013).


US Maritime History

Winner: David Igler, The Great Ocean:  Pacific Worlds from Captain Cook to the Gold Rush (Oxford:  Oxford University Press, 2013).


Honorable Mention: Jennifer Schell, “A Bold and Hardy Race of Men”:  The Lives and Literature of American Whalemen (Boston:  University of Massachusetts Press, 2013).


Honorable Mention: Denver Brunsman, The Evil Necessity:  British Naval Impressment in the Eighteenth-Century Atlantic World (Charlottesville:  University of Virginia Press, 2013).


Naval and Maritime Science and Technology

Winner: Kurkpatrick Dorsey, Whales and Nations:  Environmental Dipolomacy on the High Seas (Seattle:  University of Washington Press, 2013).


Naval and Maritime Biography and Autobiography

Honorable Mention: Geoffrey L. Rossano, ed., Hero of the Angry Sky:  The World War I Diary and Letters of David S. Ingalls, America’s First Naval Ace (Athens: Ohio University Press, 2013).


Naval and Maritime Reference Works and Published Primary Sources

Honorable Mention: John A. Wolter, David A. Ranzan, and John J. McDonough, eds., With Commodore Perry to Japan:  The Journal of William Speiden Jr., 1852-1855 (Annapolis:  Naval Instutite Press, 2013).