The Northern Mariner/Le Marin du Nord

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Jason Q. Bohm. From the Cold War to ISIL. One Marine’s Journey.  Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press,, 2019. xiv+265 pp., illustrations, notes, bibliography, index. US $39.95, cloth; ISBN 978-1-68247-457-0.

M. Ernest Marshall. Rear Admiral Herbert V. Wiley. A Career in Airships and Battleships. Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press,, 2019. xii+323 pp., Illustrations, notes, bibliography, index. US $38.95, cloth; ISBN 978-1-68247-317-7.

Adam Clulow. Amboina, 1623. Fear and Conspiracy on the Edge of Empire. New York, NY: Columbia University Press,, 2019.  xix+289 pp., illustrations, maps, notes, bibliography, index. US $65.00; UK £50.00, cloth; ISBN 978-0-231-17512-8.  (E-book available.) 

Frederick H. Hanselmann. Captain Kidd’s Lost Ship. The Wreck of the Quedagh Merchant.  Gainesville, FL: University Press of Florida,, 2019. xxii+198 pp., illustrations, maps, tables, chronology, bibliography, index. US $85.00, hardback; ISBN 978-0-830-5622-7.

Robert P. Gelzheiser. PT Boat Odyssey. In the Pacific War with Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron 16, 943-1945. Jefferson, NC: McFarland,, 2019. x+ 293 pp., illustrations, appendices, notes, bibliography, index.  US $45.00, paper; ISBN 978-1-4766-6240-0. (E-book available.) 

Aidan Dodson.  German Battleship Helgoland. Detailed in the original builders’ plans. Barnsley, S. Yorks: Seaforth Publishing and the National Maritime Museum,, 2019. 144 pp., illustrations, tables, bibliography. UK £30.00, cloth; ISBN 978-1-52671-873-0. (E-book available.)

David Hobbs. The Dawn of Carrier Strike And the World of Lieutenant W.P. Lucy DSO RN. Barnsley, S. Yorks: Seaforth Publishing,, 2019. xiv+ 386 pp., illustrations, glossary, notes, bibliography, index. UK £35.00, US $70.00, cloth; ISBN 978-1-4738-7992-8. (E-book available.)

Kerry Jang. Large Scale Warship Models.  From Kits to Scratch Building. Barnsley, S. Yorks: Seaforth Publishing,, 2019. 110 pp., illustrations, index of plans. UK £25.00, cloth; ISBN 978-1-5267-3096-1. (E-book available.)

Steve Mullins.  Octopus Crowd. Maritime History and the Business of Australian Pearling in the Age of Sail. AB,, 2019. 359 pp., illustrations, maps, etc.  US $159.99, cloth; ISBN 978-0-8173-2024-9. 

R.A. Burt. The Last British Battleship. HMS Vanguard 1946-1960.  Barnsley, S. Yorks: Seaforth Publishing,, 2019. 128 pp., illustrations, tables, appendices, bibliography.  UK £35.00; ISBN 978-1-5267-5226-0. 

Michael Dyer, Andrew S. Erickson, and Ryan D. Martinson (eds.) China’s Maritime Gray Zone Operations. Annapolis, MD: China Maritime Studies Institute and Naval Institute Press,, 2019. xxiii+324 pp., illustrations, maps, tables, notes, bibliography, index. US $50.00, cloth; ISBN 978-1-59114-693-3. 

Ron Macdonald. Deeper into the Darkness. Dunbeath, Scotland: Whittles Publishing,, 2018. xii+240 pp., illustrations, maps, tables,.glossary. US $25.95, UK £19.95, paper; ISBN 978-1-84995-360-3.

Jim Wellman. Challengers of the Sea. St. John’s, NL: Flanker Press Ltd.,, 2018. xiii+217 pp., illustrations, index. CDN $19.95, paper; ISBN 978-1-77117-676-7.


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